We will provide monthly inventory reports of your printed materials. This report identifies which products were ordered, order dates, cost of each item and total dollars spent. We will also take onsite physical count once a month of your items in the inventory. This way we make sure none of the items have reached the "reorder point". We will do everything possible to make sure you never run out of forms. Printed materials and forms should be the last thing you need to worry about! That's our job.


  • Inventory control
  • Usage analysis
  • Usage forecasting
  • Budget forecasting
  • Budget forecasting
  • Production efficiencies
  • Constant supply of documents

Document and Inventory Management

We offer a fully integrated program customized to your unique needs that can combine ordering/tracking/inventory/billing functions with assessment, graphic design, printing, inventory control, processing, and customer service. This program offers you three major benefits:

  • Reduce costs associated with efficient warehousing, inventory, and administration of your print program.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your printed pieces are always available when you need them at costs that are low, known and controllable
  • We provide customers with regular reports detailing current inventory, status, order and usage history. These timely reports provide valuable information for use in tracking and budgeting by cost centers, notification of low stock, eliminate stock shortages and rush orders, and helps calculate reorder quantities.

Warehousing and Distribution

If you have multiple locations, we can print the whole order at one time, thus giving you cost savings, and ship to multiple locations, This way you don't have to handle the forms twice. this reduces your handling time, hence saving you money.

Split Billing

If you have multiple cost centers, we can split the bill for each cost center or combine in one.

Fulfillment Programs

We can assemble and distribute materials to the requested locations. This is especially helpful when there are a number of pieces that need to be put together for a special event.

We have clients for whom we put together their training materials on a regular basis. For one, it includes getting the 3-ring binders, print different color tabs, print four color process cover and spine, digitally print the manual, digitally print pages with color photos, get the training video holders. We collate the materials with different position tabs, B & W manual and color prints, coordinate rest of the materials, and then ship to the requested training locations. Just imagine your marketing/training department trying to coordinate all these pieces. They would have to go to four to five different suppliers to put all the pieces together, whereas, here at AG, we handle it all, thus saving you time, all the aggravation and money. Since we can receive the files digitally, it makes it that much quicker and enhances the quality, because it's all first generation reproduction.

Rush Deliveries

Our vast network of capabilities means we can provide rush deliveries to anywhere in the country.

Mailing Services

To further help you save time and money, we can mail your printed piece. For that you can send us your mailing list either on a disk or electronically. How will you save money? First, purge and dupe features, which flags a duplicate address and removes it. Second, CASS certification, which adds Zip + 4 carrier route number and adds a bar code for postage discounts. Third, depending on your mail piece, we will get the lowest possible postage, to further reduce your cost. You can even use our bulk mail permit if you don't have your own, at no extra charge.

This way, you can depend on us for your mail piece - starting from design, print and distribution, everything in a timely and cost-effective way.

Special Request

We will do our best to accommodate your request for special packaging, special outside labeling, shipping using certain carriers or any other special request that you might have. We will go the EXTRA MILE to help you in any way we can. And thus hopefully get referrals from you. Feel free to e-mail us any suggestions as to how we may be able to serve you better.

Graphics, Design & Typesetting

Whenever you need your business forms redesigned, your corporate letterhead updated, new design for your marketing literature or promotional products, our experienced graphics designers can help.

Accepting Electronically/Digital Format

We can accept your artwork in digital format to reduce typesetting time and cost. The data can be on a CD, flash drive or can be emailed in PC or MAC format. Numerous software packages are available - InDesign®, Illustrator®, CorelDraw®, Photoshop®, and Acrobat®.

Digital Publishing

We can accept your data digitally for high quality printing. This is ideal for multi-page documents requiring multiple copies,such as training manuals, books, employee handbooks, directories, price and product catalogs, technical manuals and many more.

We can take your electronic file and print the document on high speed copiers/printers. Printing your documents electronically helps you keep your literature current. We can store your documents (whether it is 5 pages or 1000 pages) electronically, makes changes as needed, and output your files "on demand," thus every print/copy is an original. This constantly gives you a higher quality print job with sharper detail images.