Your printed materials speak volumes about your company’s business and its brand. As your printing partner, AG PrintPromo Solutions understands the importance of your image and is ready to guide you through the printing process. Whether you are looking for a simple "print and ship" or require the benefits of our extended resources, expertise and services, you can depend on us. We help companies of all types and sizes stretch their printing dollars by being a “one stop reliable partner” thus saving you time and money in the short and long term.

Whether your project involves one-color or multiple-color documents, small or large projects, carbon or carbonless forms, adhesive labels/decals or custom tags, our print solutions will help you refocus your energies and increase profitability. We also specialize in document management programs that coordinate your forms and documents to optimize workflow and improve efficiency thus adding to your bottom line.

Some of those products are:


You must have heard, "First impression is your last impression". Let us help you accomplish that with your letterhead and business cards. We can help you choose the right paper, inks, design and style to reflect your company image. Would you like to have a custom watermark as part of your corporate identity? We can provide you examples of such jobs we have produced for other clients.


Any special size, window, any quantity. Here are some of the common styles:

  • Business Envelopes
  • Business Reply
  • Airmail
  • Inner Office
  • Tyvek (for added strength and lower postage)
  • Self-seal/Peel &Seal
  • Recycled/Eco-friendly
  • Remittance Envelopes
  • With Clasp
  • Security/Inside tint
  • Financial
  • Coin envelopes
  • Special Window
  • Commercial


Any number of pages, type of binding.

For In-house Training and Communications

  • Telephone Directories
  • Instructions
  • Safety Guides
  • Personnel Manuals
  • Workbooks
  • Employee Handbooks

For Marketing and Sales Promotions

  • Product Catalogs
  • Calendar
  • Promotions
  • Proposals
  • Price Lists
  • Annual Reports
  • Coloring Books

Pads - Any size, paper and number of sheets per pad

  • Advertising Pads
  • Memo Pads
  • Message Pads
  • Phone pads
  • Desk Pads
  • Padded Business Forms 


Promotional letters and informational literature

  • Sell Sheets
  • Pamphlets
  • Reminders
  • Prospecting mailing
  • Statement stuffers
  • Order Enclosures
  • Price Lists
  • Countertops


You can depend on us for any type of stock or custom labels - any size, number of colors, material and quantities. Some of the most common are – laser labels, fan-folded, computer/pin-fed, roll or cut sheet.

Some available specialty Features:

  • Consecutive numbering
  • Temper-proof material
  • Weather-proof/UV/Laminated
  • Extreme weather adaptability
  • RFID
  • Bar-coding
  • Embossing/Foil Stamping
  • Clear

Label types and applications

Product/Packaging - You go to a supermarket, what do you see? Thousands of products with bright colorful labels! A well-designed and printed label can give your company, products and its packaging a professional and eye-catching appeal.

Industrial - Get attention with industrial labels to create awareness and convey vital information regarding chemical hazards, protect employees, customers and others by drawing attention to the label for safe usage instructions. Industrial labels are necessary for instructions, warnings, information on hazardous and safety guidelines. Industry specific compliance labels are also available.

Instant Coupons/Labels - Coupons provide the ideal solution to trigger point of purchase sales. Perfect for instant consumer redemption and mail-in rebates. Widely used by manufactures, distributors and retailers.

Static Cling - Removable and repositionable. Adhesive free. No adhesive residue. These labels offer excellent cling to smooth indoor surfaces such as windows, glass or metal. Perfect for point of purchase advertising.

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal - Used mostly in shipping and inventory control departments. These labels are designed for bar code readability. Direct thermal have a heat sensitive coating which does not require use of thermal ribbons. Custom thermal transfer labels are available up to four colors and can be manufactured to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications including "UL" and "CSA" approved labels. Just tell us the model of the printer you use and we will guarantee the compatibility of the labels.

Shipping/Mailing Labels - Ideal for addressing and shipping your mail.

Label/Form Combination - Label/form combination allows you to apply a label to just about any pin-fed or laser form. Ideal for data processing, shipping information, pharmaceutical/medical forms, insurance claims, employee forms, memberships and many more. Perfect for jobs those require additional follow-up or record keeping. Forms and labels are printed simultaneously with one quick pass through the printer.

Special Shape Labels - Special shape labels add that extra zest to your important occasion. Your message will really stand out and be seen. Ideal for anniversary celebration, product launch, promotions, spirit stickers, special events or attention grabber for immediate impact.

Stock Message Labels - We have hundreds to stock message labels for various uses such as shipping, collection, sales, thank you, show appreciation, reminders, complaints, and many more.

Special Applications

Parking Permits - For quick identification and controlled access to property. Unlike hanging permits, permanent adhesive labels cannot be reused, if removed. Ideal for schools, hospitals, large corporations, universities, independent parking garages and any organizations where security is important. Each permit can be color-coded for quick identification for arranged parking areas. Allows security personnel to monitor and control the flow.

Property Nameplates - Durable name plates for identification and protection. Each nameplate can be consecutively numbered. Great for identification and tracking of computer equipment, file cabinets, desks, office equipment and personal items.

Blank Labels

Labels are also available blank in rolls, computer/pin fed, laser or individually cut. We have hundreds of sizes and numerous colors to fit your needs.

Labels come handy and have numerous applications besides mentioned above. If you happen to come across one not mentioned above, just contact us.

Custom Tags

Whether you need a tag that's a special shape, comes on a roll, fits a computer printer or comes in multiple parts, we can make a tags that's right for your application.

Tags are widely used in, industrial environment. As part of a strong and effective safety and health program, workplace safety signs, labels and tags must;

  • Warn of workplace hazards
  • Instruct employees on proper care and precautions
  • Protect against accidental injuries and property damage
  • Comply with regulations and avoid fines 

Second, tags are used in retail environment. Some of the different types of tags are:

  • Alteration tags
  • Furniture tags
  • Golf course tags
  • Laundry tags
  • Layaway Tags
  • Sale tags
  • Sold/Hold tags Bag headers
  • Display cards
  • Garment hang tags
  • Identification tags
  • Repair tags
  • Routing tags
  • Shipping tags